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How do I send you the files for my DVD?

When placing an order you will receive an email with a link to the upload page where you can upload your video and graphics files.

Please keep in mind that video files can be quite large and depending on your internet speed it might take quite a while to upload. If you experience interruptions in your connection, the file upload might fail.

You can also send us a physical DVD master to:
Atomic Disc
1288 Liberty St. NE
Salem, OR 97301

What video file formats do you accept?

Preferred video file types: Audio_TS/Video_TS directories (from an authored Video DVD), ISO, or DVD Data files.

We don't recommend .avi, Quicktime (.MOV), .MPEG or .mp4. These file types will play on a computer, but will not play in a DVD player.

What happens if my video is not in the preferred file format?

If you send us a video file that is not authored properly for DVD we can convert the video file and create an auto-play DVD for you at an additional charge. If you want us to author your DVDs with menus, chapters, sub-titles, etc, this is an additional charge. Please email us at production@atomicdisc.com for a custom quote.

How much content can I fit on a DVD?

DVD-5 (single layer): 4.7Gb
DVD-9 (dual layer): 8.5Gb

Video content can be compressed in a number of ways so how many minutes of video you can fit varies. A general rule of thumb is that it takes about two gigabytes to store one hour of video.

Will my DVD have a menu and chapters?

Yes, if you have created that and properly authored your content into Audio_TS/Video_TS directories. We will duplicate or replicate your content as you provide it to us, unless you need us to do the authoring for you.

What is authoring of a DVD?

Authoring is necessary to ensure that your DVD will play on DVD players. Authoring can result in a simple auto-play video or be more complex with menus, chapters, sub-titles, etc. If you would like us to do the authoring for you, please email us at production@atomicdisc.com for a custom quote.