Salem, OR, April 25th 2013

Say hello to the Atomic eco-pack™

- simple, economical and eco-friendly CD packaging

Atomic eco-pack™Oregon based Atomic Disc CD & DVD Manufacturing, is releasing a brand new way of packaging CDs. The Atomic eco-pack™ is both economical and eco-friendly and gives bands and artists a hip new way of presenting their CDs while staying on budget. The Atomic eco-pack™ is scheduled to be released May 14th at

The Atomic eco-pack™ is similar to a CD jacket or cardboard CD sleeve, but uses no glue resulting in 4 panels of full color double sided printing. The eco-pack™ is then packaged in custom fitted crystal clear resealable bags which provides a beautiful finish. Free barcodes are offered upon request, which makes it a retail ready product.

“We wanted to provide bands with a cool, cheap way of packaging small quantities of CDs. So we came up with the Atomic eco-pack™ which we can offer in as little as 50 quantities, making it the only custom printed disc packaging option in such low quantities.” says Atomic Disc owner Silver Sorensen. “It works equally as well with DVDs and corporate content," she adds.

Atomic Disc has been in the CD manufacturing business since 1993 and have experienced the effects of the digital era. “Despite popular belief that CDs are dead and everyone is going digital, we have seen a steady 25% revenue increase the last four years.” Sorensen says. “A lot of that is due to our focus shift from large run replication to short-run duplication. Most bands don’t feel the need to replicate thousands of CDs, but would rather keep their cash flow in the black by doing small runs of product. We see a lot of repeat business as well, which is encouraging for bands. It feels a lot better to sell out all your CDs than to look at a huge stack of boxes in your garage.”

Another interesting fact to debunk the “death of the CD myth”, is that since the RIAA started tracking digital download sales in 2004, the revenue stats for 2004-2012, according to digital music news, show that CDs outsell digital downloads by two thirds.

By providing a simple and economical way of packaging CDs, Atomic Disc is helping indie artists stay in control of their biggest revenue stream. 


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About Atomic Disc:

Established in 1993, Atomic Disc was the first short-run CD duplication company in Oregon and has grown into one of the nation’s leaders in CD and DVD manufacturing. Atomic Disc is the only disc manufacturing company that no longer offers jewel cases and other plastic packaging options. Instead they focus on eco-friendly cardboard products; CD jackets, eco-wallets, digipacks and their own Atomic eco-pack™. Their ecommerce website enables clients to order custom CD packaging 24/7, and their knowledgeable staff is always available by phone. For more information please visit


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