We Just Want To Say Thank You!

On this Thanksgiving Eve, all of us here at Atomic Disc would like to take a little moment to thank you.

We are truly grateful for the opportunity to help you get your CDs made. We are thankful that we get to come to work every day, and be a small part of fantastic music projects from around the world. We are grateful to live in a country that grants us the freedom and opportunity to express ourselves, create music, and the right to the pursuit of happiness... :-)

As we are counting our blessings, we do feel the need to give a little back to those less fortunate than us. So from Thanksgiving until New Years, we will donate $5 for every order we get to charity.

A few years back Silver had the opportunity to go to Oaxaca, Mexico to make a few short videos to help in the fundraising efforts of Friends of Pimpollo. Friends of Pimpollo is a non-profit founded in Salem, Oregon that works in southern Mexico to bring food and education to children that live on the garbage dump outside of Oaxaca City. Feel free to click on the video link below to meet one of our friends, an adorable boy called Blas.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Happy Holidays!

Written by Silver Sorensen

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