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Atomic Disc CD & DVD Manufacturing. Helping Independent Artists Since 1993. (503) 610-2929.

Atomic eco=packs CDs in jackets, CDs in sleeves, DVDs in jackets, DVDs in sleeves CDs in digipacks, DVDs in digipacks CDs in wallets, DVDs in wallets Bulk CDs, Bulk DVDs Graphic Desing and Audio Mastering by Atomic Disc

Duplicating your dreams

You’ve just realized your dream. Your latest creation is finished! Atomic Disc can duplicate that for you. We’re a small team specializing in short-run CD & DVD duplication. But why choose us?

  • You save with the lowest prices guaranteed.
  • You receive your order super fast.
  • You won’t pay sales tax.
  • You reduce your carbon footprint with eco-friendly products.
  • You get CDs & DVDs that are hand-packaged and assembled. 

You’re a musician, a studio engineer, or a film maker. Atomic Disc is made up of musicians, studio engineers, and film makers. We share your hopes, your ideas, and your dreams. Since 1993, we’ve been earning the trust of creators like you by delivering superior quality on time, every time! Not only do we duplicate your CDs/DVDs, we also duplicate your dreams.

We're a premier indie one-stop for CD duplication and DVD manufacturing, located a stone's throw from Portland, Oregon.

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