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Mastering Includes

  • Apply EQ (equalization) to correct any frequency problems
  • Apply compression and limiting for optimal loudness
  • Increase clarity without losing dynamic range
  • Apply noise reduction if necessary
  • Create smooth fade outs
  • Edit beginnings and endings of tracks
  • Set space between tracks or create crossfades
  • Number and ID tracks
  • Insert CD text if applicable (track titles and artist info)
  • Add ISRC codes if applicable
  • Provide link for downloadable CD quality and HQ mp3 files (optional)
  • Adjust volume from track to track to maintain consistency
  • 2 rounds of revisions

Please ensure that you send us your FINAL mix(es). If you need to send us new mix(es) after we have mastered your track(s), you will be charged an additional $20 per track.

Our standard turnaround for mastering services is 10-15 business days.

Why Master With Us

Quality mastering is more than expensive audio equipment and a room with perfect acoustics. It's about experience, talent and the ability to discern what is needed to make a song sound as good as it can. It's 20 years of experience and talent that sets us apart, and our work speaks for itself.

Jason Carter

Jason Carter - Chief Engineer

Atomic Mastering was founded (under the name Wavelength) by Jason Carter in 1995 and has earned its reputation for consistent high quality work. Jason cut his teeth in the studio by cutting analog tape during his teen years working in various recording studios throughout the Pacific Northwest. In the early 90s, Jason took the job of chief engineer of studio B at Musicraft, a world-class west coast studio located in Portland, Oregon. Digital recording technology was in its infancy and Jason was on the ground level learning and using digital editing technology like the Studer Dyaxis and Doremi Labs Dawn workstation long before the birth of Protools popularity. He soon realized his passion for mastering, and started honing his skills as a mastering engineer. When he founded Wavelength he was able to focus all his attention where he wanted and has since built a world class studio in Oregon. Jason is also a successful musician and has toured the world many times over performing varied styles of music with well known artists Black Francis (Pixies), Larry Norman, Guards of Metropolis and jazz musician Patrick Lamb. It's the collaboration of being a seasoned musician and an experienced engineer with great instincts and a discerning ear that makes Jason the right choice for mastering your next project.

Who We Have Worked With

We've worked with major label artists, and independent bands, won a Grammy and garnished a fantastic reputation for the quality of work that we do. The list of clients is too long to be complete, but let's name a few: Black Francis (of the Pixies), Pete Yorn, Larry Norman (Gospel Hall of Fame), Grand Duchy, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Lee Aaron, Jeff Jewkes, Julie Hoy, Dangermouse, Quarterdeck, Sprague High School (Grammy 2000), Miranda Vettrus, Basra, Softcore, John Fahey, the Will Evans Project, Exroyale, David Metzger Music, Floater, Art Brut, Martyrs of Sound, Severin Sisters, Kiefer Sutherland, Jude Cole, Saint, Elemental Records, Atlantic Records, Ironworks Music, Revenant Records, Epic Records... and many more.

Listen To Mastered Samples

What Mastering Is

Old mastering engineer

After the introduction of the magnetic tape in the late 1940s, mastering became a very specialized and highly prized skill. It was often conducted in studios by engineers wearing white lab coats and became known as something strange and mysterious, incomprehensible by most people.

We feel the urge to demystify. Mastering is simply the last step in preparing your recorded and mixed audio content for duplication, replication or digital downloading. Proper mastering will give your tracks a cohesive feel and "gloss" that is a signature of higher quality commercial releases. It ensures that the volume is consistent from track to track, and deals with any potential frequency problems. And yes, mastering is the process of making your songs "louder" in simple terms.

Unlike recording and mixing, mastering is less subjective. There is a level of depth and clarity that can be achieved. The goal is to elevate the mixed content to the highest possible level. Mastering should be crafted by an experienced engineer with well trained ears and the technical ability to bring out the best in your audio.

Mastering is absolutely necessary if you want what's best for your project.

You can read further about mastering on Wikipedia.

Free Mastering Sample Of Your Song

We will master a sample of one of your songs for FREE. Simply start by putting in your name and email address and upload your song when prompted to. We will then email you a download link of your mastered song within 2-3 business days.

If you would like to hear samples of our work before uploading your song check out the mastering samples above.