Meet Chris - our new production manager

Chris Bettis production manager at Atomic Disc
Chris Bettis took over as production manager at Atomic Disc, after Kristin went off to Norway to work as a nurse. He has a wide background in music as a guitar player, engineer and producer. He knows what it takes to get a CD done from start to finish and has helped numerous artists do so through his own Gauge Studio, and is now thrilled to work at Atomic Disc to help you get your CDs done on time.

"What I have found that i LOVE about Atomic Disc since starting this new position, is how our entire team is 100% focused on customer satisfaction. The time it takes our clients to write the songs, record them, the hassle of graphic design and photography, editing, mixing and mastering, fund raising and budgeting, and let's not forget the copious amounts of coffee bought and drank during this process, is a HUGE investment into one project! And I LOVE that I am the guy that gets to hand over the fruition and completion of all this love, blood and tears to the artists! We get to be a small part. It really is an honor to help everyone get that last piece of the puzzle, and to do it as stress free and easy as possible! I LOVE THIS JOB!!!!"

When he is not busy working at Atomic Disc or recording at Gauge Studios, he can be found backpacking through the Jefferson Wilderness, drywalling his house which is currently being remodeled or hanging with friends and family.
Written by Silver Sorensen


  • Calvin Lampe

    Chris Bettis, I hope all is well! I was just thinking about seeing you with your band Good Friday and wondered what you were up to now. I’m glad to see that your year in 6th grade didn’t mess you up too badly! Take care. Cal Lampe

  • Susan Vaslev

    Chris was very helpful and when I needed an adjustment to my layout, he made it happen with a smile on his face, totally professional and positive and very helpful. I will definitely be bringing my next project to Atomic Disk.

  • Jeffrey Brockman

    I ran into issues with the software I used to create my album artwork and Chris was more than helpful and stayed in constant communication to ensure everything was done correctly and I was satisfied. I’m looking forward to recording my next album and working with Chris and Atomic Disc!

  • B.Z. Smith

    My first encounter with Atomic Disc was online chat support from Chris….just today. Loads of help on making big decisions that are NOT a part of my every day activities. I’ll be back!

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