How to submit your track list to Gracenote using iTunes

Now that you've got your album finished you may be asking yourself, "how to get your track list submitted to Gracenote for iTunes?" Or perhaps, maybe you hadn't thought of it? You want your fans to know who you are, the name of your album, and song titles right!? The good news is it's simple! Here's how to do it;

1. First, open up iTunes on your computer and insert your CD. 

2. A message will pop up asking if you want to import - but NOT so fast… first you need to select the tracks on the CD by highlighting each of them. 

3. Next, right click and select "Get Info" and click on the "info" tab. Here you can change the album title, name of the artist, and title your tracks. When you finish that, click "OK."

4. Highlight each individual track, right click on them and select "Get Info." Make your changes to the track names and then click "Next." When you're finished click "OK"

5. Lastly, highlight all the tracks once, click on the "Options" symbol in the top right hand corner of the track list window. Select "Submit CD Track Names" 

Still struggling or have questions? Gracenote has a more in-depth tutorial here

Written by Josh Schroeder


  • fabianno

    Your site is very nice, i have bookmarked it.

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  • Yvette Small

    Will get intouch with you by email or phone

  • Christopher Hill

    I heard that there’s no artwork database. But if your artwork has made it to amazon through an aggregator like distrokid then sometimes if prompted music players will search amazon for the artwork and load it in.

  • Mike

    Giving the above question a bump. I too would like to submit artwork to Gracenote if possible :)

  • Thomas Zawaira

    I have completed a new CD. I have no problems with adding artist information to the Gracenote online data base. I now want to submit the Album Art for the first time to Gracenote using itunes. How do I do this?

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