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What is Eco Friendly?

Eco friendly is our way of showing the rest of the world that we care about our environment and conservation of precious resources. We made a decision to reduce the use of plastics by over 90% this last year by no longer offering jewel cases, clamshells, plastic media cake boxes, cellowrapping and other CD and DVD packaging that rely on the use of non recyclable plastics.

Our products are made from recyclable and post consumer recycled materials. The inks used in printing our products are vegetable based making them more biodegradable than traditional petroleum based inks. Our re-sealable crystal clear eco bags, that we use instead of cellowrapping and shrink-wrapping, are much more biodegradable than their counterparts and are preferred by our customers and stores, making them a big hit!

Unlike most of our competitors, we don't mass produce a monthly catalog or send out gobs of samples in the mail, rather we will inform you with personalized service and guarantee you'll be happy with your finished product.

So there you have it, our small part in trying to be a little more conscious about the environment.