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Professional mastering for your project at a super affordable price!

Long before Atomic Disc was duplicating CDs and DVDs, we were recording mixing and mastering records. In fact, we still do! We're one of the few duplication companies on the planet that actually has a world class recording and mastering facility in-house. Hundreds of happy clients have used our mastering services over the past 17 years, including a grammy winner. Our mastering services are completely guaranteed or you won't pay a dime.
Feel free to visit our mastering website for more detailed information.
What's included in our mastering prices
• Apply EQ (equalization) to correct any frequency problems
• Apply compression and limiting for optimal loudness
• Increase clarity without losing dynamic range
• Apply noise reduction if necessary
• Create smooth fade outs
• Edit beginnings and endings of tracks
• Set space between tracks or create crossfades
• Number and ID tracks
• Insert CD text if applicable (track titles and artist info)
• Add ISRC codes if applicable
• Burn a red-book standard duplication ready CD master
• Provide link for downloadable CD quality and HQ mp3 files
• Adjust volume from track to track to maintain consistency
Our standard turnaround for mastering services is 3-4 days.