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Atomic Disc will stand with those who support immigrants, refugees and basic human values.

We are not the kind of company that feels the need to express our political opinions, but there comes a time when silently standing on the sidelines is no longer acceptable.

This is a nation of immigrants founded on religious freedom and the belief that all men are created equal. This is the land of the American Dream, of Martin Luther King’s Dream, and the dreams of every person who has come here believing that every human being has certain unalienable rights, and among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So we at Atomic Disc will stand with our friends at Bandcamp in their efforts to oppose the ban on immigration... READ MORE...

Written by Silver Sorensen — February 01, 2017

How to book gigs - from a club owner's perspective

The Space

Have you ever wondered what club owners are really looking for when booking bands?

We had the pleasure of talking to Doug Hoffman, co-owner of Salem club, the Space, about booking shows, running a club, purple sport drinks, merch tables and what makes a successful show.

What exactly is CD-Text?

We often get phone calls from customers asking if track listing and artist info will show up when their CD is inserted in a computer or CD player. This article explains how to make this happen, and the difference between CD-Text and the Gracenote database. READ MORE...

Written by Jason Carter — August 18, 2016


Brandyn Burnette is a progressive soul artist from St. Louis, Missouri whom, despite his young age has hundreds of songs under his belt and has toured with the likes of John Mayer and James Bay. Since leaving Warner in 2014 he is now carving out his own path as an independent artist in Los Angeles.

We Just Want To Say Thank You!

On this Thanksgiving Eve, all of us here at Atomic Disc would like to take a little moment to thank you.

We are truly grateful for the opportunity to help you get your CDs made. We are thankful that we get to come to work every day, and be a small part of fantastic music projects from around the world.

As we are counting our blessings, we do feel the need to give a little back to those less fortunate than us. So from Thanksgiving until New Years, we will donate $5 for every order we get to charity. Feel free to click on the video link below to meet our friend Blas.  

Featured Studio: South Sound Sound

South Sound Sound“If the band is coming into the studio for the first time, my biggest suggestion is that they are well rehearsed”

-Jason Suko, owner of South Sound Sound

Like most studio owners, Jason Suko started out playing in a band. He was the one that was running the sound at their shows and taking care of technical details, which morphed into buying more and more gear and eventually started up his own studio. READ MORE...

Written by Silver Sorensen — November 21, 2014

Is it too late to record a Christmas single?

T’is the season to be jolly… and make some extra cash by releasing a Christmas single or two. Of course you should have started planning your Holiday promotions in May… of last year... but for those of us who have a tendency to procrastinate, here is a crash course in how to get it done in three weeks. READ MORE...

Featured Artist: Whetherman

Florida based folk band Whetherman just finished a month long tour of Europe, playing 33 shows in 30 days. We had the great pleasure of talking to lead singer Nicholas Williams about how they did it, his life as a full time musician, where he finds inspiration and how he keeps his head above water in this ever exciting industry called the music business. READ MORE...

Meet Chris - our new production manager

Chris Bettis production manager at Atomic DiscChris Bettis took over as production manager at Atomic Disc, after Kristin went off to Norway to work as a nurse. He has a wide background in music as a guitar player, engineer and producer. He knows what it takes to get a CD done from start to finish and has helped numerous artists do so through his own Gauge Studio, and is now thrilled to work at Atomic Disc to help you get your CDs done on time. READ MORE...

Written by Silver Sorensen — August 27, 2014