Step By Step Instructions

1.   Upload Your Audio for Mastering

  • Preferred file types: WAV, AIF, AIFF (all other file types such as MP3, FLAC, M4A will be converted)
  • Any bit rate is acceptable
  • For the best result, make sure your file types match your original recording settings. For example if you recorded at 24-bit, 44.1 kHz, then provide your files at those specs.
  • If you prefer to mail us a hard drive, thumb drive or data CD/DVD containing your files, please see the address below and mark your shipment with your order number

2.   Proofing & Payment

Proofing Mastering

We will email you your initial mastered tracks within 5-10 business days. It will not contain any META data. This will be added after you've approved your mastered tracks.

After approval: If you selected the "Insert CD Text" option, we will embed the Project Title, Artist/Band Name, and the Titles provided EXACTLY the way you submitted your information on the mastering form.

You are welcome to call us at (503) 610-2929 any time to get updates. We thank you for choosing us!


Since you selected "Start Now - Pay Later" as your payment method you will be sent an invoice via email. Use the link in the email to submit payment using either VISA, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal. Your invoice needs to be paid in full before we send you your final mastered tracks.


A link to this page was emailed to you once you placed your order.
If you wish to mail us your files on a CD, DVD, USB or hard drive, please write your order number on it and send to:
Atomic Disc LLC | 1288 Liberty St. NE | Suite 170 | Salem, OR 97301