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Package Includes

  • 140g weight Vinyl Record
  • Lacquers, plating and stampers included
  • 4 test pressings
  • Full color high resolution A & B side labels
  • Semi-translucent scratch-resistant inner sleeves
  • Full color, custom digitally printed Atomic vinyl-packs™
  • Full color, custom digitally printed 12" flat
  • Printed on 350 GSM cardstock
  • Printed using green friendly ink
  • Download cards (optional)
  • Digital PDF proofs via email
  • Free barcode (optional)
  • Packaged in crystal clear eco-bags
  • Standard turnaround 38 - 50 weeks *
  • No sales tax or hidden fees :)
* Turn times for vinyl is subject to change.



The Atomic eco-vinyl™ is our own little vinyl pressing invention. It's economical yet jam packed with cool features. The Atomic eco-vinyl™ packaging is similar to a 12" jacket, except it uses no glue and allows for printing on the inside as well. This provides 50% more printable area than a standard jacket. The package also includes a nifty 11.5" X 11.5" 2 sided full color flat that's printed on super heavy 350 gsm weight paperboard. This gives you plenty of extra room to print more artwork, lyrics or photos. The whole package is wrapped in our clear re-sealable heavy weight eco-bags, which makes them look great in both the record store and on your merch table. We believe this is the best value of any vinyl record package available today. Check out the product video on this page!

Vinyl FAQs

How Should I Prep My Graphics?

  • Use our templates only and follow the listed specifications
  • All artwork should be 300dpi or higher
  • All artwork should be CMYK
  • Artwork templates should be on their own layers
  • Embed or outline all fonts

What Is The Maximum Playtime?

  • 12” VINYL MAXIMUM TIME: 23 minutes per side 33 1/3 rpm
  • Best quality - up to 18 minutes per side
  • OK quality - 18-21 minutes per side
  • Less quality - 21-23 minutes per side

If your album is under 15 min per side we recommend manufacturing at 45 rpm for maximum sound quality.

Is There A Difference In Sound Quality Between Black And Colored Vinyl?

Black vinyl sounds slightly better than colored vinyl. They are a little harder and less susceptible to noise.

What Audio Format Should I Submit My Audio As?

Uncompressed audio formats are preferred (WAV, AIFF, AIF) 16bit or 24bit.

Do I Need My Audio Mastered For Vinyl?

Our price already includes prepping your audio, lacquer cutting and stampers. This does not include a proper mastering session specifically for vinyl, which many projects may benefit from. Vinyl records differ from CDs greatly with their reduced frequency response and susceptibility playback issues because of too much bass and high end (treble). Please read our mixing recommendations below.

What Are Your Mixing Recommendations?

  • Keep your bass frequencies centered (Kick, bass, vocal sibilance)
  • High frequencies such as Hi Hats, cymbals and vocal sibilance should be controlled and not too bright.
  • Vocal should be properly de-essed.

How Long Until I Get My Final Product?

After we receive all of your elements (audio files, artwork) 24-36 weeks approx. Vinyl pressing turn around times are always changing. Your due date will be calculated based on current supply and demand. In general our turn times are some of the fastest in the industry. Try to get us all of your elements at once to expedite your order.

Sound Quality: Compact Discs vs Vinyl

There is much debate over the sound quality between vinyl records and compact discs.

On a technical level, compact discs offer many advantages over vinyl records. Compact discs yield better frequency response and a higher dynamic range resulting in a more accurate representation of what was recorded and mixed in the studio. Vinyl records can have noticeable pops, crackles and a lower signal to noise ratio. Vinyl records also have a more limited frequency response, most notably in the low end (bass), depending on the length of the material which determines the width of the “cut” or groove.

This all being said, people still love the sound and experience of vinyl records. They are tactile in your hands, have “a sound”, and offer the listener with a much better artwork experience with the oversize front and back cover and insert for extra photos, credits and lyrics.

Compact Discs:
  • Digital format
  • Higher dynamic range
  • Better frequency response
  • Consistent playback quality
  • More accurate representation of studio intentions
Vinyl Records:
  • Analog format
  • Lower dynamic range
  • Lower frequency response
  • Crackles, pops and more noise can be apparent
  • Playback quality is reflective of the turntable and stylus quality
  • Has “vibe factor”. A more pleasing sound to many


Simply click the link below to download a .zip folder with templates in PDF and PSD versions.

Atomic eco-vinyl Templates

Add Ons

Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Need some help designing, or perhaps just assembling the graphics for your vinyl record package? We offer two kinds of services to make sure you get what you need without paying too much.

Want to make your vinyl records sound like a major label release on an indie budget? Our professional mastering can do that.