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We had the great honor of talking with Corrin Campbell, co-founder of Indepreneur about the ins and outs of marketing your music. Corrin is a fabulous artist in her own right. She has successfully created three companies in her career and in this podcasts she talks about Indepreneur, the #1 online resource for self-marketing, independent artists who want to build a sustainable revenue model around their artistic passion.

Corrin Campbell playing bass on stage

As artists our first love is to create. Whether you're a song-writer, part of a band, a painter, an actor or a writer, creating is the heart of what we do. For most of us, the process of crafting our music or art comes naturally. It's the part we enjoy. It's fueled by the need to express ourselves.

But what about sharing? Sharing is the hard part, and I mean sharing beyond your comfort zone; your small circle of friends and fans. How do you get to be heard and seen amongst the massive amount of noise, the constant stream of new music and video that is released every day by the thousands?

That is where marketing comes in. A lot of musicians don't like that word. Maybe they don't understand it. They just want to create. But marketing and branding is really important. The 50/50 rule of marketing states that you should spend half your time and resources on creating the "product" - your music, and merch, and half your time on promoting, marketing and selling it. That is if you want to have a sustainable music career.

Indepreneur is a training platform that can teach you how to do it all yourself. They also take on clients, where they do a lot of the work for you.

Gilded CD by Corrin Campbell

In this podcast, Corrin talks a lot about what works and what doesn't. Tried and tested strategies that you an easily implement yourself. She gives real examples, from real artists, with numbers and data to back it up. One of the case studies she mentions is also available as a more in-depth article on their blog:

This podcast is chock-full of great, useful information for independent musicians about marketing your music to sustain a successful career.

Written by Jason Carter

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