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Atomic eco-pack™ Packages Include

  • No glue packaging - held together by clear re-sealable eco-bags
  • CD Duplication or DVD Duplication (less than 500 qty)
  • CD Replication or DVD Replication (more than 500 qty)
  • Full color high resolution CD printing or DVD printing
  • UV coated discs
  • Full color, custom, digitally printed Atomic eco-packs™
  • Printed on 20% recycled 100# semi-gloss cover
  • Printed using eco-friendly ink
  • Outside only (4/0) or outside and inside (4/4) printing
  • Digital PDF proofs via email
  • Free barcode (optional)
  • Packaged in USPS approved, clear re-sealable eco-bags
  • Retail ready
  • Standard turnaround - 3 business days or less (10 business days for replication) *
  • No sales tax or hidden fees :)

A CD can only contain 79 minutes of audio.
* From artwork approval and all elements are received.

What does 4/0 and 4/4 mean?

4/0 means 4 colors (CMYK - cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black)) or full color on one side of the card stock, and 0 colors on the other side, while 4/4 means full color on both sides. So when the Atomic eco-pack™ is folded, 4/0 means printing on the front and back, but no printing on the inside, while 4/4 means printing on front, back and inside.

(On a side note; 4/1 means 4 or full color on one side and 1 or only black on the other side. Since we don't charge extra for full color printing we don't need to use this term.)



The Atomic eco-pack™ is our own little invention. It is a new, simple, economical and eco-friendly packaging for CD duplication and DVD duplication. The Atomic eco-pack™ is similar to a CD jacket, except it uses no glue and allows for printing on the inside as well. This provides 4 panels of full color printing, as well as full color CD printing, making it the most affordable, custom CD duplication package on the market. It's wrapped in our clear re-sealable eco-bags, which makes them look great in both the record store and on your merch table. If you are looking for cheap CD duplication, but retail ready and of great quality, this is it. It is the ideal option for short run CD duplication packaging.

How long will my job take?

Once you have placed an order and we have received all of your elements (audio, graphics...etc) pre-production starts. You will receive PDF proofs via email within 1-2 business days. Once you approve the proofs day zero of production time starts. Our standard production time for duplication is 3-4 business days, and 10 business days for replicated jobs.

Here is an example schedule for duplication / replication: Atomic Disc production time outline


You will need the On Disc Print template and the Atomic eco-pack™ template of your choosing. Simply click the links below to download.

On Disc Print Template

Choose Your Atomic eco-pack™ Template

  • Vertical Atomic eco-pack™ 4/0 Template
  • Vertical Atomic eco-pack™ 4/4 Template
  • Horizontal Atomic eco-pack™ 4/0 Template
  • Horizontal Atomic eco-pack™ 4/4 Template
  • Duplication vs. Replication

    Duplication (less than 500)

    CD duplication and DVD duplication (often called burned discs) are made by burning tiny holes in the dye layer of a recordable CDR or DVDR. It is the same process as when you burn a disc on your home computer. We use the highest quality CD-Rs on the market to ensure maximum quality and compatibility. This is more cost effective for small runs and takes much less time to produce. There is not really any audible difference between replication and duplication. There might be a small percentage of older CD players or car stereos that is unable to play duplicated CDs. This is rare, but it does occasionally happen.

    Replication (more than 500)

    CD replication and DVD replication (often called pressed discs) are made by first creating a glass master, then stampers that make exact clones using high-tech injection-molding. A coat of reflective aluminum is added and finally it gets sealed with a protective coat of lacquer hardened by ultraviolet light. Because of this extensive set up process, it is common to require a minimum of 500 discs for replication.

    Add Ons

    Need to include some lyrics, photos, credits and stories in your CD duplication package? We offer a wide variety of inserts, posterfolders and booklets.

    Graphic Design
    Graphic Services
    Need some help designing, or perhaps just assembling your graphics? We offer two kinds of services to make sure you get what you need without paying too much.

    Want to make your CDs sound like a major label release on an indie budget? Our professional mastering can do that.