Say hello to the Atomic eco-pack™

We are so excited to introduce the Atomic eco-pack™! It's a great new way to package CDs in small quantities. Simple, economical, with no plastic or glue. We can get you as little as 50 of these in just 3 business days.

The difference between the eco-pack™ and a CD jacket is that the eco-pack™ has no glue and allows for printing on the inside as well. It is wrapped in our clear re-sealable eco-bags, and looks great both in the record store and on your merch table. 

Atomic eco-pack™

The specs:

  • 5" by 5" when folded
  • 100lbs cover stock, 20% recycled
  • Green-friendly ink
  • 4 printable panels
  • Free barcode
  • Clear re-sealable eco-bags

We will start selling these May 14th.

For more information, please call (503) 610-2929.

Check out our video demonstration: