Window Envelopes

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Regular price $5.00

No Sales Tax

Product Info

    • Heavy weight paper
    • Clear cellophane window
    • Back flap folds over and tucks
    • White finish is standard
    • Call for custom colors
    • CD and DVD inserting included when ordered with CDs or DVDs
    • No sales tax or hidden fees :)

Note: CDs and DVDs are not included with these.


Window envelopes are the most economical way to package your CDs or DVDs! Great for radio promos, giveaways, corporate distribution and "band on a budget" album releases! These can also accommodate adding a folded insert (2 panel, 4 panel or 6 panel)

Our Promise to You

After duplicating CDs and DVDs for over 20 years, we have learned a lot about this business and quite honestly, we've become experts at what we do. Our goal is to consistently provide you the highest level of service and quality with the quickest turnaround times on the planet. We don't offer gimmicks or up-sales that you don't need. Instead, we give you a fantastic product at a super price with no hassle or stress. We never charge for overs and we will always meet your turn time! Last but not least, since we're located in Oregon, you'll never pay sales tax. The price you see, is the price you'll pay... now that's a heck of a deal.

Our promise to you is simple... we'll do whatever it takes to make you happy. :-)

Add Ons

Bulk CDs or DVDs
Bulk CDs or DVDs
Window envelopes for CDs and DVDs are not very useful without CDs or DVDs. We offer full color printing and duplication on as few as 20 discs.