We Duplicate Your Dreams

You’ve just realized your dream. Your latest creation is finished, and Atomic Disc can duplicate it for you. We’re a small team specializing in CD duplication, DVD duplication and Vinyl Record Pressing. But why choose us?

  • You will save $ with our unbelievably low prices.
  • You will receive your order super fast.
  • You won’t pay sales tax.
  • You will never pay for overs on CDs, DVDs, posters or stickers.
  • You will reduce your carbon footprint with eco-friendly products.
  • You get CDs, DVDs and Vinyl Records that are hand-packaged and assembled. 

You’re a musician, a studio engineer, or a film maker. Atomic Disc is made up of musicians, studio engineers, and film makers. Unlike our giant corporate competitors, we share your hopes, your ideas, and your dreams. Since 1993, we’ve been earning the trust of creators like you by delivering superior quality on time, every time! By duplicating your CDs, DVDs and Vinyl Records, we're duplicating your dreams.